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Logically disproving the Christian God - The Atheist Blog

Date: 2018-02-17 14:29

I noticed you mentioned that the Bible has many contradictions. Well, I 8767 ve never seen a contradiction in the Bible. I 8767 d love to see one. Can you show me a contradiction? I also noticed that you said that 8775 science 8776 has proved man to be millions of years old. But did you know that Radiometric Dating isn 8767 t perfect? Just like everything else in the world, it can make mistakes. If you 8767 re saying it 8767 s never wrong, then you 8767 re talking about it being god-like. Because nothing but God is perfect. In which case YOU would be the one contradicting yourself. You also mentioned that the oldest living fossle is over a million years old. Well, how did they find that out? By looking at the dirt? By analizing the fossle? Didn 8767 t you read that they concluded it to be that old? They never said it was a fact. Plus, what about the fact that all they found was a jawbone? You are just believing what man says to be true instead of what God says to be true. Which is greater? The one who made us? Or us? The one who made us of course. When you said that the Bible was written by man, you forgot to mention that they wrote what God told them to. You also said that there 8767 s no way that you could fit so many *censored*s on a boat. Well, that was a biiig boat. Do you know how many humans you could fit into your bedroom? Without furniture, around 65+. Now remember, most of the creatures were bugs, so they were flying or climbing the ceiling. Plus, it never said every breed of every *censored*. He brought, for example, two dachsunds, two abbymisal cats, two parrots, and two geckos. Not a lab and a terrior etc. So he had plenty of room. You also say that the Bible says the world is flat, when Isaiah 95:77 clearly states: 8775 God is enthroned above the circle of the earth 8776 . When God said to stretch his word across the four corners of the world, he didn 8767 t mean it like that. It was just another way of saying: Tell everyone the word of God around the far reaches of the earth. I don 8767 t remember reading about pi being unknown at the time, if you could provide the Bible verse, that would be much appreciated. However, if I were to guess why he didn 8767 t tell them. I would think it in the same way as asking your parents to do your homework it 8767 s your responsibility to do it, they 8767 re not going to tell you the answers, they will just help you through it. By the way, the Bible is not one book by one author written in the time period of a month. The Bible is 66 books put together, written by 95 different authors, over a time period of 6,555 years. And they harmonize with each other. And that has not been repeated.

Holding Hands, Holding Hearts: Recovering a Biblical View

Meow, I am a declared Christian. I have faults and admit responsibility in my own life. For many years I have struggled with doubts about Christianity, many before I became a Christian. I 8767 ve read numerous books on both ends. Probably many more books regarding atheists views on God than any other books. I read because I am fascinated by the view. It makes a lot of sense, but you can 8767 t claim without a doubt that it is all true, and that Christianity is all false. Doing that would be doing what many ignorant Christians do in proclaiming that atheists are all wrong. It is being intolerant as many atheist would say about Christianity. If we are wrong (and I am speaking about TRUE Christians here not just one 8767 s who have said the sinners pray and got their fire insurance) what we have tried to do in our lives is not bad. We have tried to live to be better people and help others do the same. Your anger should not be towards Christianity as a whole but towards those individuals who are not trying to live their life out for Christ. I apologize for their ignorance and mine at times. Without believing in God even you know that this world is messed up. We cannot get anywhere without realizing we have different views and be okay with can 8767 t fix anything by trying to prove who is correct and condemn those who think they are. That is ignorance in and of itself. We cannot know everything. Even reading numerous articles is not going to give us the ability to explain everything that happens. Sometimes 8775 mysterious 8776 things happen. Sometimes scientific events occur. Whether we develop theories or gather facts we cannot know fully what the truth is. Evolution is only a possibility not fact. Facts are what have been gathered about what appears to be the way life on Earth could have come about. Not saying that it absolutely positively came about that way. Even many atheist scientist can admit that there are parts of the process that don 8767 t make sense. Certain events such as the cambrian explosion are such things. The appearance of *censored*s species out of nowhere, which is stated by accredited scientists to which there is no explanation, and to which an educated guess (yes a hypothesis) is all that can be used to think of how it could have happened. In our generation and future generations we most likely will never receive an answer because we weren 8767 t there when any of this happen and our arguments are only as good as what we can prove. I can 8767 t prove there is a God beyond a shadow of a doubt, and you can 8767 t prove that science and all it 8767 s theories and laws are true beyond a shadow of a doubt. And just one last comment, even laws of science have changed over time when more information is found, so even those aren 8767 t for sure perfect.

Whatever Is...: A Couple's Devotional for Christian Dating

i am not atheist i am agnostic, not too much of a difference. I have been born into the catholic-Christian faith, and opened my mind and now i have, well i consider it as freeing myself from followers of the status quo. We live in america a dominant Christian nation, if you believe other you are different. We are not choosing to believe in the Christian faith, we are either born into, have some sort of miracle happen, believe the bullshit stories of other Christians or we believe it because of fear. Now i do not believe in the Christian faith because i am not afraid of 8775 god 8776 , and besides he forgives everyone who chooses to accept he is real, right? Now i dont know if he is real but i do know the Christian faith isn 8767 t. What makes this articles argument more compelling is that there are not only faults in the bible but also in the beliefs. They say that god is perfect, he is completely divine. well not only in the bible but in ideology of the Christan faith is this faulty. In the bible many times it portray 8767 s god as being angry and jealous. Now correct me if im wrong but those are human feelings right? But he is all divine? What is also the point of prayer, i mean its always said that god will help you if you help yourself. So prayer really does nothing because your helping yourself in the first place. Also in the bible it talks about god telling prophets to send armies to *censored* the virgins of the village and kill the *censored*ren. Now whats said most is thats from the old testament, but its still the same god correct. Now in my conclusion its all crap, not because im trying to disprove the faith but because of the obvious lies in the faith. It all is just a religious pattern, horus,dionysus,attis etc then jesus. Its all the same one thing especially is there is really no historical evidence of jesus, its all people wanting to believe in a higher power, blame their sins on evil and their happiness on good. all these religions are based on the sun the literal sun, the symbols, the names, the words, the passages,all relate to the sun. Jesus was never real, therefore the Christian faith is shot. I believe something made us, i dont believe it does the world any good, nor bad, that is our own faults. I 8767 ve spent my whole life in the christian faith and never felt any connection, not because i didn 8767 t try i did, its just my intellectual side and my free thinking brain caught the best of me and showed me to not follow and pursue the truth.

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